wedding photographer in Italy


At the beginning of my wedding photography career, a question I asked myself about was this:
Who do I photograph a wedding for? The participants?
After having explored thoroughly with myself the reasons that made me choose to become a wedding photographer, I thought that one of the answers could be this:
Not really or at least, not entirely. I record these events for those that weren’t there or those yet to come, so for me Wedding Photography is to leave something tangible for the couple but also for those the couple love.
Then my suggestion to you is: you can have many great photographs of you as a couple, of your guests and friends, but do not forget to have also your family photographs taken at the wedding. It doesn’t matter if you like wedding reportage photographs or posed wedding photographs, the crucial thing is to take them and to do it as you should, hire a professional photographer.

Here I'm

Yes, I’m a wedding photographer in Italy, but here you can see me as a person, before all, this is me, without masks, as I think it is right when I introduce myself.

  • I love tattoos, I have several but the last is yet to come, I wear earrings since I was 14, I like to smoke as well as I like to run, I’m messy in everyday life but precise and meticulous in my work.
  • I love cooking, and eating of course.
  • I love running because of the phrase above.
  • I love reading.
  • I love traveling, however, unfortunately or fortunately, I no longer have the time to do it.
  • I love to stay with my wife, Francesca, it is also through her continuous support that I do that job with passion, she encourages me, she gives me advice, she criticizes my work. I like to share with her what I do with so much passion.
  • I love to play with my little dog, a Jack Russel Broken, that is like my son. Before him